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Welcome to Ken and Schley's Website!


          Growing from a seed planted by God while they were still very young,             their harvest has finally come...


Ken first met Schley almost 30 years ago, through her brother Jeff. Ken and Jeff became friends at a young age through Church, where both of their families attended. Throughout their friendship Ken knew Schley mainly as Jeff's beautiful younger sister. Sometime late in high school, Ken and Jeff lost contact with each other, but the Godly connection would not be severed. 

Some 12 or so years later, Ken would meet Schley again, but this time through a mutual friend. Neither Ken nor Schley recognized each other from many years before. During their times of contact through this friend, Jeff's name never came into conversation, and the past remained hidden from them.

Five years later, God brought Ken and Schley together at just the right moment in their lives. He revealed to them, the lifelong connection they and their families had shared. He also opened the door to a wonderful relationship. Even Ken and Schley's families had connections they were unaware of, that went back to their own high school days. At every turn was another sign from God that they were meant for each other. 

Ken and Schley are simply an amazing compliment to each other's personalities, wants, needs, desires, and dreams. But, most importantly, they are exactly where God planned for them to be all along... together. Their harvest has finally come.





09/06/10 -  Photos added

We had a great time on our Spring cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's "Freedom Of The Seas"! 

We are now looking forward to our Fall mountain vacation!

We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on March 13th, 2010!!


Pretty much every week, new photos are added from our many adventures. 

These include birthdays, visits to local and state parks, theme parks, holiday activities, vacations, and assorted images of us just having fun at home.


Be sure to check back often for more family adventures!