If you want to hear some song samples, you've come to the right place. Below are MP3 clips from each song on Kenny's self titled CD (© 1999-2002). All of these songs were written, performed and recorded by Kenny, except for drum tracks by Alan Miller on "Bloom Fall", "Whisper" and "Love Won't Return My Calls".

More Like You

Ear Deep

Bloom Fall


Never Say Goodbye

Faith In You

Love Won't Return My Calls

Touch Of Grace


Wherever Your Heart Is


And now for a few cover song samples:

Matchbox 20  -  3 AM

Frankie Vallie  -  December 63

Toto  -  Hold The Line

Wild Cherry  -  Play That Funky Music

Hall & Oates  -  Private Eyes

Stevie Wonder  -  Superstition

Kansas  -  Carry On My Wayward Son (Live)

Van Morrison  -  Moondance (Live)

The Drifters  -  Under The Boardwalk (Live)

Boston  -  Long Time (Live)

Rush  -  Limelight (Live)

King's X  -  Summerland  (Entire Song)